Finished Meteo 241

I just finished up my coursework for Meteo241, Fundamentals of Tropical Forecasting, through Penn State’s Certificate of Achievement in Weather Forecasting program. 

I enjoyed learning about tropical weather, about which I really knew very little before the beginning of the course, beyond that which I picked up watching TV. I feel I have a much better understanding of tropical weather now. I also am beginning to feel competent about the forecasting part of the Penn State program. After Meteo 101 in the spring, I had developed a good base in general meteorology and how to collect data and interpret forecast models. However, I didn’t feeel even remotely competent in actually forecasting anything. After 241, I think I could make a reasonable forecast of future intensity and track of a hurricane. Certainly nothing on the level of an NHC forecast, but I did walk away with the skills needed to estimate track and strength.

I’m looking forward to 361 in the spring, Fundamentals of Meseoscale Weather Forecasting. 

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