Leaving Facebook for now

I’m taking a break from Facebook for a while starting in a few days – at least until the November election, perhaps forever. My account will be deactivated. To paraphrase the great Walt Mossberg, the values of Facebook and my own have diverged so much that I cannot in good faith continue to support them by letting them monetize my personal information, particularly through what will undoubtedly be a contentious election season. Remember Cambridge Analytica? I do. 

Going forward, this website and Twitter will be my main platform for mocking the kids or sharing news of our family (and to some extent Instagram). Feel free to click on the “Follow+” button if you want to get emailed when I post something new here.

Facebook has become a toxic hell-stew of misinformation that seems to make good people say bad things. Until there is fundamental reform, or appropriate regulation, I don’t feel right in supporting their business. I know they do not care; I’m just one person, but I feel that I have to do what’s right, not convenient. People at Facebook are capable of running platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram which aren’t nearly as crappy; yet the mothership highlights everything wrong with social media.

I also don’t like what that platform seems to bring out in many of my friends, both on the right and on the left, who seem to leave rationality, cordiality and good spirit behind when they click on the big white and blue F in a box. 

So adieu to FB.

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