Happy New Year – 2020

A few year-end announcements:

2019 Gallagher Family Member of the Year: Turd the Tortoise

2019 Most Improved Gallagher: Winnie

2010-2019 Gallagher Family Member of the Decade: Matt (repeating his 2000-2009 title)


The Gallagher Family Slogan for 2020: Snitches Get Stitches

Irish Dance!

Maggie wrapped up her 2018-2019 Irish Dance season in style!

Spring Break 2019 Trip to Seattle

The Gallaghers took the Amtrak Empire Builder to Seattle and spent the balance of the week visiting some good friends and playing tourist. Highlights for Charlie & Maggie included the train; a tour of the Boeing Everett Washington manufacturing plant; climbing at Stone Gardens; whale watching; and visiting good friends.

Maggie’s big win!

Maggie’s essay for Catholic Schools Week was honored today at a St Andrew School pep rally! Go mags!

Gallagher Family Slogan 2019

Soap is not a four letter word; soap is our friend!

For a list of our prior family slogans, click here.