Skiing in Park City

We visited Park City with our friends the Bryars and Lawvers for a week of skiing to end 2021 and ring in 2022. Visit the gallery for more pics.


Year end announcements

A few year-end announcements:

2021 Gallagher Family Member of the Year: Olaf the Hamster (posthumously)

2021 Most Improved Gallagher: Charlie


The Gallagher Family Slogan for 2022: Let’s just try this again.

Happy New Year to all from Maggie, Charlie, Emmy, Matt, Turd & Winnie!

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2021 School Pictures

They are back, and they are disappointing in their ordinary-ness. Where is the crazy hair? Where is the disheveled-leaning-towards-crazy-person look? Where is the grimace? I’d give these a C- because they’re just normal.

Maggie 2021-2022 – 6th Grade
Charlie 2021-2022 – 9th Grade


Merry Christmas from the Gallaghers!

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Irish Dance!

Maggie wrapped up her 2018-2019 Irish Dance season in style!