Penn State Certificate Program

I graduated from the Penn State online weather forecasting certificate program in 2012. This college-level program educates life-long learners around the world. It helps turn its students into better consumers of weather information and news.

As part of this program, I took four courses.

Meteo 101 –  Understanding Weather Forecasting (Spring 2011) – the basics of meteorology, with a focus on synoptic scale meteorology.

Meteo 241 – Fundamentals of Tropical Forecasting (Fall 2011) – introduction to tropical meteorology including hurricanes.

Meteo 361 – Fundamentals of Mesoscale Weather Forecasting (Spring 2012) – mesoscale weather forecasting, including severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Meteo 410 – Advanced Topics in Weather Forecasting (Fall 2012) – Participation in the WXChallenge, a nationwide weather forecasting competition.